Dharuhera Map

Investment is property can never end in a loss. However investors need to choose the right spot before investing. One of the best place to invest is the in the commercial capital of India, Gurgaon. It was not very long that Gurgaon has started developing but in this short span it has become the heart throb of most investors both India and Foreign.

Plots in Dharuhera Gurgaon

There are plots loft for those interested investors and purchasers. The sizes are 50 sq yards, 71 sq yards, 100 sq yards, 161 sq yards, 263 sq yards, 432 sq yards and 502 sq yards. For industrial sector too there are plots sized 4x100 meters, 50x120 meters, 68x147 meters and 100x200 meters.
Gurgaon Dharuhera Sector Map

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