Rahjea Aranya City Map

The 45 meter wide green belts reduce the effect of pollution and let you breathe fresh air in the era of pollution. 12-45 meter wide road crossing the entire Raheja Aranya City from all sides and the availability of taxi stand in the campus makes transport more convenient. Every feature of this world class residential complex is unique.

Division of Rahjea Aranya City

Raheja Aranya City is divided into 7 groups that are named alphabetically i.e. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. these blocks have further sub division that are based on the area of plot. The lush green open spaces that are present around the complex with the jogging tracks make you enable to live healthy life.

Pin code of Rahjea Aranya City - 122001
Gurgaon Rahjea Aranya City Sector Map

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