Gurgaon Railways Map

Gurgaon has its travel ways that is railways more and more cost effective and approachable. And if you really want to travel the city through the train then it is very necessary that you have the full information of the gurgaon Railway station and also which railway station is nearest to you.

Major Trains at Gurgaon

Their names are as Bikaner superfast express, haridwar mall, Delhi farukh nagar express, chetak express, jodhpur-Delhi sarai rohila superfast express, Bikaner-Delhi sarai rohilla superfast express, jammu-ajmer express, ranikhet express, mandur express, swarn jayanti rajdhani express, ajmer shatabdi, corbet PRK link express, Delhi – rewari pesanger and also there are many trains which are running on the Delhi gurgaon route. The maximum halt on the gurgaon station is of 2 mins which most of the train suppose to take and also there are some trains which take the halt of more than 2 mins that is of 5 to 10 mins.
Gurgaon Railways Sector Map

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