Sector 37 Pace City Gurgaon Map

The pace city II which would be situated at the sector 37 of the Gurgaon is one of the most dense and diversified city plan having a vast variety of residential / industrial as well as business complexes and the main thing is that it is been so well planned that it would become one of the most attractive sectors or places of the Gurgaon. Again the place city II is been divided by a main road which is mainly 24 m wide and dived the city place II into two parts.

Commercial in Sector 37 Pace City

The main part of attraction is the commercial which you would see at the centre of heart of the sector 37 and is the most attractive unique selling point of the pace city II. There is also one more commercial complex situated at the southern side of the sector 37 which would make the place under the reach of the common public. The half of the city place which is at the other side of the road is also very well developed and built very much attractive.

Pincode of Sector 37 Pace City - 122002
Gurgaon Sector 37 Pace City Sector Map

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