Sector 38 Gurgaon Map

One of the most attractive sector is the sector 38 of the city which is in all its developing stage also has a variety of locations for both the residential as well as the business purpose. From all the other upcoming builders of Gurgaon the sector 38 is also a choice of priority and a quite diversified locality. One of the greatest unique selling point of this sector is its design which is seems to be in a triangular shape which adds a beauty to its map and could increase the net worth of both the residential as well as commercial projects.

Facilities in Sector 38 Gurgaon

There are seven to eight schools exist in all over the sector 38. And also the sector is having a great unique selling point that is the existing pond which is going to be included in the project and has been built very beautifully. There is one village at the down most side of the sector 38 known as the village abadi islampur which contains a large village area carried away by a police station at the bottom of the sector 38 and is been planned in such a manner that the place could be more and more secure.

Pincode of Sector 38 - 122001
Gurgaon Sector 38 Sector Map

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