Sushant Lok 1 Gurgaon Map

Strategically located Sushant Lok I in the city center yet away from the busy hectic roads of Gurgaon makes Sushant Lok I an ideal location to reside it. The tranquility and the serenity of the area make it worthwhile to live and relax in. Along with the pristine greenery spreading out in the area there is also schools and colleges and medical health centers around. The metro station at the Sushant Lok I allow great connectivity to all parts of Delhi.

Plots in Sushant Lok 1 Gurgaon

The map represents the plots in numerical. There are about 13 plots in Gurgaon. Plot I is 61.29 sq yard, Plot II sizes about 216 sq yard. Plot II is further subdivided into II b, c and d the sizes being 172 sq yard, 239 and 264 sq yard. Plot III and IV are 299 and 418 sq yard respectively. IV is also divided into two parts IV and IV b which are 418 and 358 sq yard. V and V b measures about 502 and 485 sq yard and VI and VI b measures about 485 and 813 sq yard. Lastly plot VII measures 968 sq yard.

Pincode of Sushant Lok 1 - 122002
Gurgaon Sushant Lok 1 Sector Map

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