Gurgaon Maps
To term the growth of Gurgaon’s real estate sector as ‘thriving’ would be a gross understatement. It is, in fact, a win-win situation for both the buyers and sellers in Gurgaon. Private builders find plenty of buyers for their residential housing projects that include everything from a two-bedroom flat to penthouses. The buyers too, can benefit by investing in a good piece of real estate in the city. Study Gurgaon map for gaining knowledge of the vicinity of this upcoming city.

People with long-term investment plans Gurgaon stand to gain more than the others. Although the economic downturn has somewhat affected the realty scene in Gurgaon, the prospects are still better than any other city in the country. Some property owners have disposed off their properties at really low prices for the fear of not getting the returns on their investment. However, when the economy is back in shape, the real estate sector of Gurgaon is expected to get back into high gear. Analysts expect the property prices in Gurgaon to go up by 10-15% when the economy revives.
However, rough estimates of Gurgaon Sector Map suggest that even with the property rates taking a hit in this economic scenario, builders in Gurgaon are planning to put as many as 10,000 houses in the market in the next couple of years. Most of these houses are likely to feature under the high-end bracket. Apart from this, other large-scale residential projects area also on the anvil. It is being said that approximately 500 billion square feet of land will be brought in use in the forthcoming years to build more residential as well as commercial projects in the city. With the advent of new housing projects in the city, builders are looking to infuse fresh interest in the realty sector. They are hoping that with new projects on the market, they will perhaps be able to lure the buyers. Maps of Gurgaon indicate towards these prospects.

Even the commercial property sector is set to boom in the times to come. Gurgaon DLF map give strong indication that several corporate giants have set up base in various malls and condominiums in the city. A large section of these corporate organizations are multinational companies. Therefore, property experts are hoping to see a rise in the rentals for office spaces in Gurgaon, as suggested by maps of Gurgaon

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